LTLprints - Bring Your Walls To Life™

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No Paste

No Tools

No Mess


LTLprints install in less than 5 minutes with no nails, tape or messy paste. Stick them to virtually any flat surface.*


The same LTL wall graphic can be safely applied and removed over and over again -- up to 100 times without losing adhesion. Peel & Stick!


LTLprints are made with durable fiber paper material so they maintain their quality through multiple uses.

Contour Cut

Each LTLprints order is printed on a single sheet and contour-cut (dye-cut) for seamless installation and great looks.

* Concrete, Glass, Wood, Painted Walls, Tile, Doors, Ceilings etc.

Installing LTL Wall Graphics Is As Easy As 1-2-3

  • (1) Remove

    Remove your LTL wall graphic from its shipping tube. The wall graphic comes with backing paper which protects the adhesive. Keep this backing paper on and lay the wall graphic on a flat surface. This will allow the wall graphic to adjust to room temperature and ensure the best installation.

  • (2) Prepare

    Choose where you wish to display your wall graphic. Measure the space to ensure there is enough room for the wall graphic. If necessary - using only water, dampen a towel and clean the wall surface to remove any dust or residue. Allow the wall to completely dry before you continue.

  • (3) Apply

    With the help of a friend position the wall graphic on the prepared surface.Starting at a top slowly peel away 1/3 of the backing paper as you stick the graphic to the wall. Press down with your flat hand and smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. Continue peeling the backing, pressing and smoothing until the graphic has been fully installed.

Helpful Tips

  • Two people are highly recommended for installation especially for the larger wall graphics.
  • If your LTL wall graphic sticks to itself don't panic. Slowly peel the two sides apart using gentle pressure.
  • The same LTL wall graphic can be safely applied and removed 100 times without losing adhesion.
  • To remove your wall graphic slowly and gently peel from the top on a 120 degree angle.